Bossington Hall Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Hire Bossington Hall Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Bossington Hall is a unique place, with the most breathtaking views across Exmoor and Bossington Bay reaching down to Lynton headlands. The panoramic view is probably the best in Somerset, if not the southwest. We have a 10 seater home cinema (free for guests), the oldest private Squash court in England, and a tennis court. The dining room has huge oak mullioned windows towering to the ceiling giving wonderful light and views even on inclement days. The snug guest lounge has deep, comfy sofas, and another stunning view of Dunkery Beacon, the highest point in Somerset and Exmoor.

Bossington Hall Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Hire Bossington Hall Luxury Bed and Breakfast. 

If you're considering a surprise family reunion, booking a celebration event, or planning a memorable holiday, our Arts & Crafts-inspired residence is the perfect year 'round Coast and Country base.

Our secure, peaceful, and inspirational location is the perfect base for intimate corporate events, executive away-days, or strategic planning meetings.  We're around three hours from Birmingham, four hours from London and within two hours from Bristol.

The house was built in 1911 by Allan Hughes, one of the last great independently-minded nineteenth-century ship owners. Full of interesting, quirky, and cosy spaces, this country residence was designed to cater for large a large family with their individual requirements.

Corporate Website   

Bossington Hall is a 9 page website that was an update to their previous website that allows for the booking of Bossington Hall either by booking directly through the booking system or by contacting them by phone or email. 

Challenges & Solutions

Connecting the booking system was a little challenging as it needed quite a lot of additional styling changes to make it fit in but we got there is the end.