Minehead Rail Link Group

Minehead Rail Link Group, Join the campaign for a rail service from Minehead & west Somerset to Taunton, Bristol & Cardiff.  It is true that the current heritage steam service to Bishops Lydeard can’t exceed 25mph, but the HM Inspectorate of Railways can increase that speed restriction for the sort of service we are campaigning for to whatever they feel is safe, and this has already been done elsewhere.

Minehead Rail Link GroupMinehead Rail Link Group

There is capacity for several extra trains per day on the line. When BR ran the line, in the holiday season it coped with a far more intensive service than we have now (including the odd slow moving freight train) - and in the latter years, that was with less infrastructure than there is now!

The line is maintained to the very highest standards and has a safety record that it is justly proud of. Hundreds of heavy freight trains have passed over the line bringing in material for sea defence work as well as large numbers of high-capacity InterCity excursions from all over the country. The line is as safe and as well-maintained as any in the land.

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Minehead Rail Link Group is a 4 page Blog website that allows for each blog post to be shared on social media directly from the website while showing information on the local rail link between Minehead & west Somerset to Taunton, Bristol & Cardiff.

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As the business required reports on Visitors, Support, Feedback and Donations the website was set up so that i could easily produce the reports on a monthly basis.