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Professional Website Design
Professional Website Design

We Offer Website Design Projects Specially Created for You

Website design refers to the process of creating the visual and functional elements of a website. It involves planning, designing, and organizing various components of a website, including its layout, color scheme, graphics, text, and user interface.

Website design aims to enhance the user experience and usability of a website, making it easy for visitors to navigate and find the information they need. It also involves ensuring that the website is optimized for various devices and screen sizes, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Website design is crucial for the success of any online business or organization as it can affect how visitors perceive the brand, engage with the website, and ultimately, convert into customers or clients. Effective website design requires a combination of technical skills, creativity, and knowledge of user behavior and web design best practices.

Your Website will be


Your website will belong to you even if you decide to host the website yourself on your own hosting platform.


We will work with you to make sure that your website will work for your business whether it's a large corporation or a small company. We know that each business has its own individual needs and we like to get to know you and your business throughout the building process.


Because websites are viewed on many different devices we create your website that works with the 3 most popular sizes of, Mobile, Tablet, and desktops allowing your website to be seen by any of these devices.

Easy to manage

We will work with you to train you on how to use your website effectively and easily, allowing you to make changes or to add additional information to your website.

What's Included In Your Website


FREE SSL Certificate that it activates the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Mobile Optimised

Responsive Website Design suitable for all devices.

SEO Optimised

Your website will be ready to start ranking with Google.

Social Media

Your website will be set up and ready for Social interaction.

Professional Content Writing

From Puthill Writing

Making words work. That’s what it’s all about at Puthill Writing. Whatever we write, whether it’s web content writing or copywriting, it has to make a difference. We make my words work to bring more traffic to your website, greater interest to your blogs and marketing, and to translate into sales.

Exmoorweb Website Design have teamed up with Puthill Writing offering discounted rates to its customers.
If you would like your content professionally written please let us know.

Puthill Writing

Types of Websites

We provide any type of website from single pages to full E-commerce systems.
Exmoorweb Website Design
From £750.00

Blog Websites

Blog websites are usually updated regularly. We make sure the process of using the website as easy as possible.
Exmoorweb Website Design
From £1600.00

E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are used to sell your products by taking payment online leaving you to ship the product to the customer.
Exmoorweb Website Design
From £950.00

Business Websites

Business websites showcase your business and services encouraging the user to phone or send an email as a first contact.